OPA Announces the 2021 Northeast Championship Series


The Northeast Championship Series will include one drop race. Each team will drop their worst finish. Each race in this series is funded for prize purses, and livestream. The series ender, The Crystal Coast Grand Prix, will be a double points event. Deciding the winners of the series, in Moorhead City, NC. Who hosted two events for OPA in 2020, including the world championships.

The first stop of the Northeast Championship Series, Point Pleasant Beach Grand Prix. Went off seamlessly just 8 days after Lake Race. A Lake Race which housed an offshore event, and an F1H20 event simultaneously. Now with sites set on Tiki Lee’s Shootout on the River. We can announce the second stop of the Northeast Championship Series, The Eastlake Grand Prix is fully funded. With 8k in prize purse, for all bracket classes. Livestream is free, and hosted by Hooked on OC.