2023 STEFS Fabrication Specialties

Partners with OPA Racing

For the National & World Championships


OPA Racing is excited to announce our new partnership with STEF’s Fabrication Specialties. A long time industry leader. Stef’s works with all of the nations leading Motorsport entities. Making parts for NASCAR, NHRA, Open-Wheel, Sprint Car, and countless others. In the marine industry, Stef’s has been the top of the line for oiling systems.

“I’ve grown up revering the STEF’S sticker. You’d see it on all of the top flight teams. Both in offshore, and on the road. It’s an honor to be partnered with such an amazing company. And I hope we can solidify this partnership for many more years to come.” Nick Smith - SR Vice President OPA Racing.

Since 1990 STEF’s Fabrication has been designing and producing race proven oil pans that meet or exceed the many requirements and configuration diversities of today’s racer dictates a commitment to a specific and highly specialized field with a never-ending list of goals at hand. This commitment must also incorporate a very close working R&D relationship with countless competitive race teams across the country that provide the all too important technical feedback needed to build an oiling system. Collectively, all of this effort and data must work jointly with an “out of the box” thought process that can accept the challenges of manufacturing and complexity of an operational design. The bottom line here is results, and that’s what STEF’s Fabrication Specialties are all about. The design and fabrication of a maximum oil control system that RESULTS in the maximum achievable horsepower!

“We have facilitated these kinds of partnerships in the past. And when the opportunity came to partner with the OPA. We jumped all over it. We’re both based in New Jersey. And committed to motorsports.” Pat Stefanacci.

OPA Racing will be announcing our promo code in the near future. To help buy at a discounted rate, to racers, and enthusiasts. We will see you at the races.