The memory of Jimmy Welsh lives on with Jimmy Welsh Trophy, and it's that time of year for team owners to nominate one of their crew to receive this honor.

Jimmy was dedicated to the sport, his team and his friends. OPA continues to honor a team member that displayed similar qualities to Jimmy throughout the past season.

It's up to you, as a team owner to tell us who and why this honor should be bestowed upon you nomination. So please take a few minutes and write a brief summary about your most dedicated team member and what they did during this past year to deserve this award. Ballots will be generated and handed out at the the Annual Meeting and the winner announced at the Awards Ceremony.

Please submit only one member of your team ... someone that your team just couldn't live without.

You may also submit a crew member from another team that helped you throughout the year. Submit your story to by January 31st. Be sure to include - your name - team name and hull racing number - Full name (and nickname) of candidate and the position they hold on your team.

Nomination criteria

  • The "Jimmy Welsh Trophy" is a perpetual trophy that is awarded to an OPA crew member (nonracing member) for dedication & excellence throughout the year.
  • This perpetual trophy is awarded only once a year and announced/presented at the OPA Winter Awards Banquet.
  • Candidate can ONLY be submitted by the team owner.
  • Candidate MUST be a registered member with OPA for the season of their nomination.
  • Racing members are ineligible for nomination. (Driver, throttleman, navigator)
  • A team owner not is eligible for nomination.
  • A crew member from a team other than your own can be nominated/submitted.
  • Submission is done by email. Include in your submission the reasons why this person should receive the award. Send submission to:
  • This award can only be awarded to a person only one time.

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Nomination Submission