SAVE THE DATE:  We will be returning to Bimini, The Bahamas!!!

Resorts World Bimini Grand Prix is April 25-29, 2018


Class 5:  Specialized Racing

Class 6:  You Gun Learn

Class 7:  Goofin' Around

Class 1:  Lightning Jacks

Class 2:  Bat Boat

Class 3:  Strictly Business

Class 4:  Saris Racing

Super Vee Lite:  Typhoon

Super Stock:  Shadow Pirate

Extreme: Miss GEICO

Complete Standings

RESULTS:  St Clair River Classic

July 30, 2017

CLASS 5:  1st - 512 Specialized Racing, 2nd - 533 All Fired Up, 3rd - 502 Reindl Powerboats/Early Detection, 4th - 517 Midwest Boat Party, 5th - 542 Procharger, 6th - 515 Coastal Boat Sales, 7th - 507 Tunnelvision.  CLASS 4:  1st -  441 Saris Racing, 2nd - 487 Jersey Outlaw, 3rd - 466 Edward J Painting.  CLASS 2:  1st -  201 AMH Construction/ Instigator, 2nd - 211 Bat Boat, 3rd - 227 Team 27, 4th - 217 Wide Open.  SUPER VEE LIGHT:  1st -  66 Tug It, 2nd - 29 Typhoon, 3rd - 21 Pirate Racing......


RESULTS:  Fall River Grand Prix

August 27, 2017

SUPER VEE LIGHT:  1st -  66 Tug It, 2nd - 29 Typhoon, 3rd - 77 Done Deal.  CLASS 3: 1st -  V1 Wazzup, 2nd - V6 Strictly Business, CLASS 4:    1st - 441 aris Racing, 2nd - 455 Nick's Creative Marine, 3rd - 487 Jersey Outlaw, 4th - 411    Perdition. EXTREME:  1st - 113 Miss GEICO, 2nd - 11 Alex and Ani.  CLASS 2:  1st - 211 Bat Boat......


Ocean City Race Cancelled

September 1, 2017

from Phil Houck (site promoter)

Sorry to say, We must cancel the Offshore Power Boat Race this weekend Sept 10th ,,because of IRMA ..6 to 8 foot waves IS NOT GOOD ,Safety MUST COME 1ST ,Thanks for all the help , Will try again next year

Double Points to be Awarded in Lake Hopatcong

September 11, 2017

Due to the cancellation of the "Ocean City Grand Prix" (Ocean City, Maryland), OPA Racing will be awarding "Double Points" to the race entrants who participate in the "Lake Hopatcong Grand Prix" (Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey) on September 24, 2017.

Lake Hopatcong is the final stop of the regular season in which the National Champions will be announced with a celebration to follow in the winter of 2018.

The 1st race of the Lake Hopatcong Grand Prix will start at 11am on September 24th. Please contact registration with your intentions of attendance as well as notify registration of any possible double-duty rolls......


There were no qualifiers in Super Cat for the National Champion title

RESULTS: Lake Hopatcong Grand Prix

September 24, 2017

SUPER VEE LIGHT:  1st - 29 Typhoon, 2nd - 66 Tug It, 3rd - 32 Woah Mama.  SUPER STOCK:  1st - S-55 Shadow Pirate/Nick's Creative Marine.  EXTREME:  1st - 113 Miss GEICO.  CLASS 7:  1st - 755 Hangin' N Bangin', 2nd - 766 Chug It, 3rd - 733 Wicked Racing, 4th - 765 Goofin' Around, 5th - 784 J & J Racing, 6th - 705 NJI Motorsports, 6th - 717 Aquaholic, 6th - 732 Woah Mama.  CLASS 4:  1st - 441 Saris Racing, 2nd - 411 Perdition, 3rd - 455 Nick's Creative Marine, 4th - 458 Bounty Hunter, 5th - 487 Jersey Outlaw......


Roll Call for Pit Space at the 2017 OPA World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest

October 2, 2017

​It's that time to get ready to head down to Englewood for the 2017 OPA World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest. With once again the anticipation of a large boat count we need to reach out to the teams to get an idea of the space you a looking to occupy in the Dry Pits. This information is also needed to help in coordinate the Parade/Street Party.......


2017 National Winners are ...

September 24, 2017

Class 3 National Champion & High Point Champion: #V-6 Strictly Business - Driver: Louis Giancontieri - Throttles: Johnny Stanch. CLASS 100 National Champion: #105 Lightning Jacks - Driver: Josh Wall - Throttles: John Woolley. CLASS 200 National Champion: #211 Bat Boat - Driver: Eliot Gray - Throttles: Jay Muller. CLASS 400 National Champion: #441 Saris Racing - Driver: Johnny Saris - Throttles: Jason Saris - Navigator: Verne French​.......


Englewood Beach Waterfest Tickets & Discounts

October 9, 2017

You can purchase your tickets online for the OPA World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest in advance. Early Bird price is $15.00 or $20.00 at the entrance.

You can also purchase your tickets for the OPA World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest at The Lock 'N Key and/or SandBar Tiki & Grille. STARTING OCTOBER 9 they will offer 10% off food purchases on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday and Happy Hour ALL DAY LONG at the bar on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

The Week of the Races you will receive 10% off food purchases EVERY DAY & Happy Hour ALL DAY LONG at the bar EVERY DAY.......


Book Your Stay for the OPA World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest with Manasota Key Realty

October 24, 2017

In less than 1 month the Offshore Races are rolling back into Englewood Beach, Florida for the OPA World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest.  Manasota Key Realty is the HOST Reatly Agency for the race.

Call now to book your accommodations (941) 474-9534.......