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The 2023 OPA Registration forms are now available online in the Resources section of the OPA website.

You can submit the registration forms email or regular mail. Or submit registration online (See "Submit Online" red button on left Navigation bar.)

The OPA Racing forms will allow you to type in the information for easy printing or email.

DO NOT submit any signed forms to OPA! You must leave the signature & date fields blank. All OPA forms MUST be signed in person at registration.

For each Individual Racing member, Please submit:

  • Membership/Medical Form

For each Individual Non-Racing member, Please submit:

  • Membership/Medical Form - REQUIRED to have Hot Pit Access (Crane & Wet Pits)

For each Individual Staff member, Please submit:

  • Membership/Medical Form

For each Team/Boat, Please submit:

  • Equipment Registration
  • W-9 (ONLY Submit page 1 of the file, pages 2-4 are for your records)


Make checks payable to: OPA Racing


After you type in the information for the form, click how you would normally PRINT the form. But instead of hitting print when the window to print appears, change the printer in the dropdown menu to print as a "PDF". This will create the form as a document and allow you to attach the forms in the email.

Please call if you have any issues saving you forms with the inputted information ... 732-977-5638

Email forms to dee@oparacing.org


Dee Ungarten

c/o OPA Racing

9 Kellogg Ave

Kellogg, ID 83837

Make checks payable to: OPA Racing

For Credit Card payment, call 732-977-5638

Racers will only need to fill out registration paperwork at the first event that is attended. Pre-printed Race Entry Forms & Medical Rescue forms will be at registration for teams thereafter their 1st attended race. All members are required to sign all appropriate papers in order to race at each event in person.


  • Racing Member: The Driver, Throttleman, and Navigator must be an must be an OPA member at a fee of $150.00 per person.
  • Non-Racing Member: Crew must be an OPA member at a fee of $100.00 per person.
    Only persons that are current OPA members will be permitted in the hot pit areas (crane, ramp & wet pits). As well as ONLY persons that are current OPA members will be permitted to board boats while in the dry pit areas. Any person that is in the vehicle at the crane and/or ramp MUST be a current OPA member.


Each racing hull must be registered annually

  • Production Classes 1-6: Fee $1500.00
  • Production Class 7: Fee is waived for the 2023 season
  • Stock Vee: Fee $1500.00
  • Modified Vee : Fee $1500.00
  • Vee Extreme: Fee $1500.00
  • Super Stock: Fee $1500.00
  • Factory Stock: Fee $1500.00
  • Super Cat: Fee $2000.00
  • Unlimited: Fee $2000.00

OPA Racer Packets will be posted on the individual Schedule of Events page for each event.


  • Production Classes 1-7: Waived for the 2023 Season
  • Stock Vee: $1000.00
  • Modified Vee: $1000.00
  • Vee Extreme: $1000.00
  • Super Stock: $1000.00
  • Factory Stock: $1000.00
  • Super Cat: $1000.00
  • ClassONE USA: $2000.00
  • Unlimited: $1500.00

For new TEAMS:

You must contact Dee in Registration for availability of number for your boat. Make NO assumptions that a number is available. If you do not clear your desired number with OPA registration and proceed to put it on your boat, you may NOT be able to register your boat to race with the number.


Required decals on the boat:

  • OPA Racing logo
  • Boat Number
  • American Flag

When choosing a boat number, the owner MUST contact the Chief Registrar of OPA to determine if the number is available. Make NO assumptions that a number is available. (732) 977-5638

To view the most current list of number NOT available, go to: http://www.oparacing.org/nmbrs.html


The OPA National Championship in each class will be the only boat allowed to carry the number ONE (#1) for the following season. If the #1 is NOT chosen to be used by the National Champion in the class, NO boat will be permitted to use #1 as their number. (Example: If Team A is the 2019 National Champion but chooses to use their register # of 111 in the 2020 season, and Team B who was the National Champion in 2018 and used #101 for the 2019 season, Team B will NOT be permitted to use #101 again for the 2020 season. They must use their previously registered number.)

  • Production Class boats must follow the boat number rule of a 3-digit number in which the first number represents the class in which the boat runs in. Ex. 101, 201 etc..
  • Super Stock must follow the boat number rule of the Alpha-Numeric numbering Ex. S-1
  • Other Classes must follow their class numerical system
  • US-1 may ONLY be used by the OPA National Champion in the Super Cat class
  • ONLY the OPA Racing National Champion is allowed to carry the #1 on their hull. National Champions of other organizations MUST carry their registered boat # on their hull.

See the OPA Racing Rule Book for more details regarding decals and boat numbers

Not all classes have a National Champion number designation, please call registration before you put a number signifying a National Championship on your boat.


OPA will continue to step up our safety program this year to make sure that we have the safest racing events in the United States.

In regards to Swim and Dunker tests this year, OPA will be the only certification that we will accept for you to race with OPA. If in the event you receive a certification from an accredited APBA group/club, you must check with OPA Registration that the APBA group/club is also accredited with OPA to validate the testing certification. The Safety Instructor for OPA will be available to do Swim Tests and Dunker Tests throughout the OPA racing season. Check the Schedule of Events for sites, dates and times for times at the pool for the Swin/Dunker testing. You must pay for the service (cash only) and you must hold onto your copy of Certification. OPA registrars will have a copy on file. It is the racer's responsibility to send a copy to the APBA office. Your certification is only valid for the calendar year of 2023.
Swim Test: Cost is TBD
Self Extrication Course/Dunker: Cost is TBD

In regards to Physicals, you need to have documentation stating that you are physically fit to race this year with OPA Racing.

Accepted documents are: (1 of the below MUST be submitted)

  • medical note from your doctor on their prescription pad stating that it is okay for you to race with OPA for the 2022 season.
  • a complete copy of your physical
  • CDL documentation (Medical Examiner’s Certificate Card)
  • Class 3 license or better acquired from airports

If any of the above expires during to the 2023 race season you will be required to submit a new medical document in order to complete in the 2023 race season.

Medical documentation MUST be submitted each race season. OPA does NOT make copies of medical documentation to carry forward from the previous season.

HELMETSMake sure to check the Snell stickers in your helmets. As of 12/31/2018 Snell 2005 helmets are no longer legal. If you are planning to race this season your helmet needs to be Snell 2010 or newer.


The inspector shall review each entry for full compliance with aspects of the OPA Rule Book pertaining to safety. In the event an entry does not comply with the rules or specifications as contained within the OPA Rule Book the owner shall be so advised and given the opportunity to comply. If an entrant's inspection does not live up to the spirit or intent of the OPA rules, the referee in concert with the OPA President may refuse to allow the craft to compete. Any entry that refuses an inspection will be disqualified and may face further disciplinary action.

At least 1 (one) member of the team must be registered (signed the Waiver of Liability) at the time of inspections. If you there are no members that have signed in, you will be skipped over until you have signed in. You are NOT permitted to partake in testing unless you have signed in at registration and ALL Inspections have been performed (Safety, Technical, etc.)

OPA Racing adheres to the USCG rules, regulations and guidelines and must have certain items on their vessel at all times.

At the time of your Safety Inspection you need to have on exhibit the below listed items. If these items are NOT on exhibited at the first approach of the Inspector, he will move on to the next vessel and return to you at the next available open slot.

  • PFDs
  • Helmets
  • 1 Anchor
  • 1 - 100' tow line
  • 2 flairs
  • Signaling Device (air horn)
  • First Aid Kit

REMINDER: All vessels MUST have a Fire Suppression system in each engine compartment. (Device must be sized according to US Coast Guard regulations.)

It is the racers responsibility to known the Navigational Rules when on the water, and must adhere to all the rules & guidelines.

U.S. Coast Guard's Navigation Rules :
Federal Navigation Regulations



We will continue to run the VBOX units as out official GPS units for the 2021 season. In the classes that OPA runs that requires a GPS, we will work with you to ensure that everyone understands the rules of engagement with the GPS units.

It is the racers responsibility to make sure that the VBOX unit is working properly at all times. It is also the racers responsibility to equip their VBOX with a data card large enough to store the data for a race. It is at OPA's discretion to examine a boat when it comes out of the water after the race to inspect what was initially setup before you hit the water at the beginning of the race. An OPA official may request a spot inspection after the race has ended. It is the racers responsibility to pay attention if requested by Race Control or any OPA Official asks you to remain with your boat for inspection. If you fail to NOT stay with your boat for this inspection you will be disqualified and receive NO points for the race.

Classes required to run a VBOX Unit are listed below:

  • All Bracket Classes (Class 1 -Class 7)

Official GPS od OPA Racing is Racelogic's VBOX Sport, Video VBOX Lite and Video VBOX Lite Waterproof. GPS units will not be allowed to be moved from boat to boat nor can they be used in multiple races.

Only the VBOX Sport can be purchased onsite (limited onsite supply). Both Video VBOX units must be pre-ordered in which there is up to a 3 week delivery period.

VBOX retantal are limited and may NOT be available

To order your VBOX unit contact NICK at (609) 891-7688



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