Heritage Coast Offshore Grand Prix on Tawas Bay


The Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing Co.( A not for profit) is proud to announce that Offshore Power Boat Racing is coming to Tawas Bay June 22-24 this summer, David Wentworth, Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing Chairperson, said. An agreement has been reached between Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing and the Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA). The OPA is the sanctioning body for a number of these events held throughout the eastern US and the Great Lakes.

Offshore race boats are a breed of boat built for the punishing conditions of ocean racing, according to Brian Bishop, Event Coordinator. The different classes of boats will range from 24' lengths all the way up to 50'. Engine configurations also span from outboard style to inboards, and even turbine. These boats are expensive high- tech machines that will range in speed from 75 mph all the way up to over 200mph. They provide fast, stunning visuals on the water as they battle each other as well as the conditions of the waters they run on..

The course will be a basic oval on Tawas Bay stretching from the East Tawas State Dock in East Tawas down to the City Pier in Tawas City. Viewing from shore will be excellent as well as from the water near the East Tawas State Campground along the sandbar.

The race boats and teams will be arriving on Friday. Friday night there will be an entertainment tent with music and refreshments at Harbor Park in East Tawas. Hours will be 5pm-9pm.  Saturday the 23rd is test and tune day on Tawas bay. Again on Saturday the entertainment tent will up and running in Harbor Park. Hours 12pm-10pm.  Sunday is race day. Races begin at approximately noon. If coming by boat, please be mindful of the Coast Guard and support craft. The race course must be clear for the boats to run.

For any further questions or more info please call Brian @ 517-282-7313