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2014 OPA Winter Awards Banquet
January 20, 2014

Please RSVP to this event

Please join us on February 8th, 2014 at 7:00 pm for the OPA Awards Banquet. The Banquet is being held at the Oyster Creek Inn located in Leeds Point, NJ which is conveniently located 20 minutes from Atlantic City.​​

This year's National Champions are:, Lighthouse Racing, Typhoon, Cleveland Construction, Bull on the Beach, Velocity Racing, Pushin-Tin, Wazzup II & Molson Muscle.

The Stugots Cup will be leaving New Jersey and going to Michigan as the High Points Champion is Cleveland Construction.

And let's not forget about the The Biggest, The Baddest and The Heaviest Trophy in all of Offshore Racing, "The Godfather Cup". This trophy you have to earn. Recipient of the "Godfather Cup" will be announced at the awards banquet.


January 12, 2014

Dear OPA Racing Member,

At the Awards Party on February 8th, OPA will add a new award that will honor one exceptional team member….possibly your team member.

Last year we lost one of our most beloved family members, Jimmy Welsh. You might remember Jimmy better by the name “Trophy Bitch” from Team Typhoon. If you didn’t know Jimmy, please view this video, you’ll see him at the 18:50 mark,

Jimmy was dedicated to our sport, his team and his friends and now we’d like to honor one of your team members that displayed similar qualities throughout this past year. This will be the only award that OPA gives out to a non racing member of our family, so it’s a very special award. Now it’s up to you to tell us who should win it.

As the team owner, if you would like to see this honor bestowed upon one of your team members, it’s up to you to tell us who and why. Please take a few minutes and write a short story about your most dedicated team member and what they did during this past year to deserve this award. Make it good and maybe they’ll win. You’ll find out who wins at the awards party…so bring your crew.


2014 Capsule Training Sessions
January 24, 2014


COST: $35.00 FOR APBA MEMBERS; $40.00 FOR OPA MEMBERS w/ SWIM TEST (offshore only); $ 20.00 FOR SWIM TEST ONLY (offshore only)



Six-B Apparels Returns as Partner for 2014
February 5, 2014

Six-B Apparel is excited to partner with OPA Racing this year as the Official Apparel Supplier. Six-B Apparelis offering all of the teams great pricing on their team uniforms (see details below) as part of this program. Six-B Apparel is one of the United States premier clothing suppliers to race teams.

Six B Apparel is the premiere source when it comes to custom dye sublimated crew apparel.

They are the factory, therefore they are able to offer no minimums for orders. They also have an in house award winning art department for all of your design needs.  As you well know a great product, great price, and customer service are a rare trio these days. With that being said, we would love to earn everyones business by offering all three.

OPA Awards Banquet Six-B Apparel Door Prize
February 7, 2014

As you may be aware of Six-B Apparel has returned to partner with OPA Racing this year as the Official Apparel Supplier.

As an added BONUS, Six-B Apparel is giving away 4 Free Crew Shirts with Design Time included as a Door Prize at the 2014 OPA Awards Banquet. Make sure you get your ticket at the Racers Meeting or Awards Banquet. (You must attend the awards banquet to enter and only 1 entry per team.)


OPA Winter Awards Banquet Celebration
February 11, 2014

Coming off a very successful 2013 season, the OPA Teams once again converged in Galloway Township in New Jersey to hold their annual meeting and Awards Party.

During the meeting, Ed “Smitty” Smith, President of OPA, announced the unification with APBA. In attendance was Dan Weiner who explained many of the benefits to this unification. Following the announcement, Smitty went over safety recommendations & requirements for all boats; the criteria has been changed for the High-Points Champions; and a new criteria will be amended for the Jimmy Welsh Trophy for the 2014 season. OPA will continue to red flag races whenever there is an incident on the course. Once the course is clear, the race will be restarted. Smitty also announced that Super Cat.....


OPA Is Now Part of APBA Offshore
February 11, 2014

After more than a dozen years of producing Offshore Racing events, OPA Racing (Offshore Powerboat Association) has joined forces with American Power Boat Association in order to bolster the ranks within APBA’s Offshore Category.

“We see this as a very positive move for our teams and the sport in general” said Ed (Smitty) Smith, President of OPA. “By joining with the APBA, several things happen. Our teams are now eligible for the APBA Hall of Champions, we can now promote joint events with other APBA categories to enhance our product at our race sites, we can establish globally recognized speed runs and we have the exclusive rights to the APBA Offshore sanction within Region one, two, three, four and six. The sport has been so fractioned that it was time to do something to help put it back together.”.....


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Biloxi's Smokin' the Sound Welcomes OPA Racing
April 2, 2014


With the Offshore Performance Association (OPA) joining forces with the American Power Boat Association(APBA) last month with the goal of making Offshore Powerboat Racing a stronger force, results are already coming in. OPA Racing is proud to announce the addition of Biloxi's "Smokin the Sound" to its newly formed Divisional series. The race will take place later this month on the pristine Gulf Shores of Biloxi, Mississippi along Casino Row between April 24th through the 27th, 2014.

"We are so pleased to have Biloxi on board with OPA Racing! Yes the amount of time we have to organize has put a strain on things, however, with Woody Bailey and his staff hosting races since 2004, ......


RESULTS:  Smokin' the Sound
April 28, 2014

Super Stock: 1st - S-1 Top Starz, 2nd - S-111 SOS Venezuela, 3rd - S-11 Super Vee Lite:​ 1st - 4 Octane, 2nd - 21 Pirate. Class 4: 1st - 404 Simmons Marine.

Run What You Brung: 1st - S-111 SOS Venezuela, 2nd - S-11, 3rd - 113 Miss GEICO, 4th - 4 Octane, 5th - 21 Pirate Racing, 6th - 404 Simmons Marine, 7th - Cat Can Do.


OPA is going LIVE, YouTube Live
April 30, 2014

Where do you go to find music, sports and home videos? YouTube is where 84% of the world goes for these. YouTube has released YouTube Live and now you can view concerts, sporting events and various web streaming activities as they happen, LIVE. For the 2014 race season, the Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) will stream all of its races via YouTube Live on the "OPA Racing" channel of YouTube ( ). As much as everyone wants to be at the races catching the action packed races in person, now you will be a part of the action from the comfort of your very own home.....


OPA comes to Lake of the Ozarks
April 30, 2014

Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO) is one of the biggest destinations for families in the Midwest for water sports and general relaxation from the hustle and bustle of their work weeks. Missouri is known as the "Show Me" State and the fine folks of LOTO have gone to the Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) and said "Show Me some racing!!!" On the weekend of June 6-8, OPA has obliged and will bring their brand of offshore racing to the site known simply as "Lake Race".

"We are excited to be able to come in and be the producer of the Lake Race. Having the opportunity to work with promoter, Alvin Heathman, and his wonderful staff in order to put this together has been a pleasure and we look forward to racing at LOTO", commented Ed Smith (Smitty), President of OPA......


May 1, 2014


As the ice was thawing off the water of most of the racers testing grounds, Biloxi was the host of the first ever Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) Smokin' the Sound Divisional Race. Biloxi's skyline features casino after casino and with the weather being sunny in the mid to high 70's, it provided the perfect backdrop for the teams that attended. The Beau Rivage and Margaritaville Casinos rolled out the red carpet for the racer parties which included the seafood delicacies that the Gulf Coast is known for while the Hard Rock provided a penthouse for race officials and the Golden Nugget hosted the wet pits and awards.......


Waters Rise on OPA's National Season Opener
May 6, 2014


After the long offseason and one of the roughest winters in sometime, teams from the Offshore Powerboat Association (OPA) converged on Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, for the National Series opening race. Thirty-three boats made the trek, coming from as far as Canada & Michigan, and several teams that call New Jersey home. After receiving torrential rain for days leading up to the event, the sun came out and shined brightly just in time for the event. Lake Hopatcong is one of the favorite events on the tour as it a non-traditional course that is only 2.3 miles. Normal courses are approximately 5 miles, which just as in auto racing has Superspeedways and Short tracks, this brings the cream to the top as this course lay out does not allow the rhythm you can usually obtain in the long straight away of the 5 mile courses. With all this build up, Mother Nature showed her mighty force and lead the NJ State Police to issue a "No Wake" order on the lake the day prior to race day. Due to the excessive rain in the area, the water level rose well over 9 inches at the dam on Sunday morning. The NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s order overrode both the NJ State Police, who issued the initial permit for the event, and Jefferson Township officials, to cancel the race due to the water level with the concerns of dock damage and potential excessive shoreline erosion that would be caused by the boat wakes......


OPA Goes West
June 7, 2014
​CLASS 2: 1st - 240 HP Mafia; 2nd - 277 Smokin Sextion; 3rd - P-11 (211) Bat Boat. CLASS 5: 1st - 505 CISCO, 2nd - 517 Iguana Offshore, 3rd - 502 Early Detection; 4th - 513 Wazzup II. RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG: 1st - 19 Cat Can Do; 2nd - 4 Cleveland Construction; 3rd - 3 CMS; 4th - 14 Snowy Mountain Brewery; 5th - 33 Racing for Cancer; 6th - Miss GEICO. SUPER VEE LITE: 1st - 66 Tug It; 2nd - 21 Pirate; 3rd - 4 Octane. SUPER STOCK: 1st - S-1 St Louis Motorcars; 2nd - S-5 Porta Product; 3rd - S-111 SOS Venezuela; 4th - S-11 BoatFloaters.....

June 7, 2014
​CLASS 2: 1st - 240 HP Mafia; 2nd - 277 Smokin Sextion; 3rd - P-11 (211) Bat Boat. CLASS 5: 1st - 505 CISCO, 2nd - 517 Iguana Offshore, 3rd - 502 Early Detection; 4th - 513 Wazzup II. RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG: 1st - 19 Cat Can Do; 2nd - 4 Cleveland Construction; 3rd - 3 CMS; 4th - 14 Snowy Mountain Brewery; 5th - 33 Racing for Cancer; 6th - Miss GEICO. SUPER VEE LITE: 1st - 66 Tug It; 2nd - 21 Pirate; 3rd - 4 Octane. SUPER STOCK: 1st - S-1 St Louis Motorcars; 2nd - S-5 Porta Product; 3rd - S-111 SOS Venezuela; 4th - S-11 BoatFloaters.....

If you missed the race in Atlantic City, you can still watch it now!
June 24, 2014
Did yo miss Sundays action on the Atlantic Ocean in Atlantic City, NJ?  No worries, you can still watch the races now!......

RESULTS:  Atlantic City Offshore Grand Prix
June 23, 2014
CLASS 4: 1st - 441 Saris Racing; 2nd - 411 Perdition; 3rd - 404 Simmons Racing; 4th - 431 Slippery When Wet. CLASS 5: 1st - 505 CISCO; 2nd - 546 Reinforcer; 3rd - 518 Rufstr; 4th - 502; 5th - 561 Boxer Rescue. CLASS 6: 1st - 644 Knot Guilty; 2nd - 626 Maxed Out; 3rd - 667 Hurricane Force; 4th - 623 Country Service; 5th - 615 Sale-N-Buy; 6th - 639 Repeat Offender; 7th - 602 Early Detection Racing; 8th - 611 Smith Brothers Racing/CRC.  SUPER VEE LITE: 1st - Tug It; 2nd - Octane; 3rd -; 4th - Steady Pumpin; 5th - Typhoon; 6th - LSB Racing....

Team Broadcast Information
July 3, 2014
​Team bio information is needed for OPA's broadcasting on YouTube LIVE. This is your opportunity to talk about "YOU". The more you provide us the more we can talk about you. A form has been created for your convenience to submit your team information!.....

READ MORE & Fill Out Form ...​​
Watch the Races LIVE on YouTube this Sunday!

July 29, 2014​​

LIVE coverage of the 2014 St Clair River Classic on YouTube LIVE

Coverage starts at 11:30am EST with the Races starting at 12pm EST

LIVE webcast cancelled for International Offshore Powerboat Race

​August 3, 2014

Due to internet restrictions at the race site in Port Huron, OPA will have to cancel the scheduled LIVE web broadcast on YouTube for the International Offshore Powerboat Race.

We will be working with the promoters to explore our options for​​ the LIVE Web broadcast in 2015.

RESULTS: St Clair River Classic

July 28 2014

EXTREME: 1st - 19 Cat Can Do SUPER CAT: 1st - 05 Broadco Cat 5; 2nd - 77 AMSOIL; 3rd - 4 Cleveland Construction; 4th - 388 Phoenix Parts SUPER STOCK: 1st - S-1 Top Starz
2nd - S-11 SUPER VEE LITE: 1st - 21 Pirate Racing; 2nd - 2 Punisher; 3rd - 4 Octane; 4th - 66 Tug It; 5th - 29 Typhoon; 6th - 44 Steady Pumpin; 7th - 3 LSB Racing​. CLASS 5: 1st - 513 Wazzup II; 2nd - 505 CISCO "No Bullies"; 3rd - 518 RUFSTR Racing; 4th - 546 Reinforcer; 5th - 524 BK Motorsports; 6th - 502


Great Race on the Sea Cancelled
August 4, 2014
Dear Friends, Racers and Fans,
I am sorry to announce the cancellation of the Freeport/Long Beach Great Race on the Sea August 22-24, 2014. I would like to thank everyone who has worked hard this year, putting in both time and money. Without getting into every detail, every aspect of putting on a safe and professional event was becoming un achievable due to constant changes and demands. Lack of cooperation and participation from area hotels and businesses was also a major factor in this decision.
Thank you,

August 4, 2014
Due to the cancellation of the "Great Race on the Sea" in New York, OPA Racing will be awarding "Double Points" to the race entrants who participate in the "Downtown Detroit International Powerboat Championships" in Detroit, Michigan, on September 7, 2014.

Promoters are working diligently on hotel discounts and logistics, and will have that information posted soon. Check the website regularly for updates!

OPA Nationals & Worlds to be held in Solomons
June 18, 2014
OPA Racing is proud to announce that the OPA Worlds will take place October 2nd-5th, in the lovely Chesapeake Bay region in Solomons, Maryland. Many of you are familiar with the site as it has hosted the OPA National Championship Race since 2010. The National Championship date has been moved from September to October to accommodate this joint venture.

The National Championship race will be held on Saturday October 4th. This race will be the finale of the OPA National Race Series and determine the National Champion in each class at the Solomons Offshore Grand Prix....

RESULTS: International Offshore Powerboat Race

August 11, 2014

SUPER VEE LITE: 1st - 29 Typhoon, 2nd - 21 Pirate Racing, 3rd - 66 Tug It, 4th - 4 Octane, 5th - 44 Steady Pumpin, 6th - 3 LSB Racing, 7th - 2 Punisher.   CLASS 5: 1st - 505 CISCO "No Bullies", 2nd - 555 Pushin Tin, 3rd - 518 RUFstr Racing, 4th - 502, 5th - 601 Wazzup II, 6th - 524 BK Motorsports, 7th - 533 All Fired Up. CLASS 7: 1st - 755 Hangin N Bangin, 2nd - 727 Molson Muscle, 3rd - 725 Hauling Trash....

Wes Wyatt brings Offshore Racing to Detroit

August 22, 2014

Wes Wyatt has been involved in offshore powerboat racing for many year.  Wes has taken on a new task for 2014, he is the person behind bringing the offshore powerboats to Detroit!  

OPA knows the amount of effort & dedication it takes to put on an offshore race, we assure you that your efforts are appreciated by all. We also know that sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of the day, we may not show our appreciation as effectively as we might. On behalf of OPA Racing, we are taking this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation....

Detroit, The Motor City
June 18, 2014


​The OPA Racing is proud to announce another addition to the National Race Schedule!!!

​​Mark your calendars for September 5th - 7th, 2014, as Detroit, Michigan will host the First Annual Detroit Grand Prix as stop 7 on the OPA/APBA National Series. The Detroit River will hear the roar of Piston Power once again after quite some time.....


Remembering Clint Wright
​September 17, 2014

Love, Thoughts & Prayers for the Wright Family, Team Steady Pumpin & Robin Lombel

September 7th, 2014 was a sad day for all of us within the OPA Racing Organization. After the 1st race concluded in which SVL ran, Clint Wright, the throttleman for Team Steady Pumpin, collapsed not long after our race was finished. We learned a little while later that Clint had passed away.

How do you describe such a great man like Clint Wright in one paragraph? He was a loving man that was devoted to his family and stepchildren. He lived life to the fullest with no regrets. He had such a passion for boats and speed. Clint learned to drive a boat when he was 10 years old. He was 12 when he received his first boat and 14 when he drove the Intercoastal Waterway in its entirety. Team Steady Pumpin will forever miss their throttle man. It is not often you meet someone that always put everyone else’s needs before his own, but he did. He has many friends and loved ones that are so deeply saddened by his sudden passing. We have lost a great man, but have gained a perfect angel.

RESULTS: Downtown Detroit River IPC
​September 8, 2014

​EXTREME : 1st - 19 Cat Can Do; 2nd - 1 Cintron. SUPER VEE LITE: 1st - 66 Tug It; 2nd - 29 Typhoon; 3rd - 21 Pirate Racing; 4th - 44 Steady Pumpin; 5th - 4 Octane; 6th - 3 LSB Racing; 7th - 2 Punisher. CLASS 4: 1st - 404 Simmons Marine; 2nd - 469 Crockett Rocket; 3rd - 441 Saris Racing; 4th - 422 Erie Monster; 5th - 411 Perdition. CLASS 5: 1st - 505 CISCO "No Bullies"; 2nd - 513 Wazzup II; 3rd - 518 RUFstr Racing; 4th - 599 SouthEastern Lighting/Grinch Racing; 5th - 546 Reinforcer; 6th - 502

George Eisenhardt Ends a Chapter in Racing Only to Start a New One
​September 18, 2014

George Eisenhardt announced on September 7th that he will be stepping out of the driver's seat and retire. At the racers meeting in Detroit, he passed the key to Chris Carbone, from Papa Dukes Racing, to be the new driver in the Crockett Rocket. Now, just because he will not be in the driver's seat does not mean he will not be with us at the races, he plans to take on more of a roll of team owner/crew chief so he will still be with us at the OPA races.

George actually started his racing career in 1957 drag racing. At 23 years old in 1962 the owner of a new dragstrip in Thompson Ohio offered him the management position. In 1972 after ten years at Thompson, George took over 3 stock car tracks in Cleveland Ohio: Cloverleaf Speedway, Lorain County Speedway and Painesville Speedway. Not to be stopped in 1974 he added a second dragstrip, Dragway 42, the real first four-lane dragstrip. He at that time was operating two dragstrips and three oval stock car tracks all at the same time......

2015 OPA Winter Awards Banquet
November 25, 2014

Please join us on February 7th, 2015 at 7:00 pm for the 2015 OPA Awards Banquet. The Banquet is being held at the Oyster Creek Inn located in Leeds Point, NJ which is conveniently located 20 minutes from Atlantic City. (41 Oyster Creek Rd, Leeds Point, NJ 08220)

This year's National Champions are: Cat Can Do, Cleveland Construction, Tug It, GB Racing, Bye Pole Her, Bat Boat, Wazzup, Simmons Marine, Team 505 CISCO, Detection Racing & Hauling Trash.

The Stugots Cup will be returning to New Jersey as the High Points Champion is Team 505 CISCO.

An email is being sent to the team owners to submit their entry of crew member for the “Jimmy Welsh Trophy.”

And let's not forget about the The Biggest, The Baddest and The Heaviest Trophy in all of Offshore Racing, "The Godfather Cup". This trophy you have to earn. Recipient of the "Godfather Cup" will be announced at the awards banquet.

We are handing out special OPA jackets to the 2015 seasons National Champions. All race teams are able to purchase additional OPA jackets. They are $160.00 each. Jackets must be ordered & Paid in Full by January 5, 2015. Please contact Smitty for all Jacket purchases.

The cost of the dinner is $70 per person, drinks not included. The dress code is business casual which means no ripped up jeans......


RESULTS:  Solomons Offshore Grand Prix
October 4, 2014

SUPER VEE LITE: 1st - 2 Punisher, 2nd - 66 Tug It, 3rd - 3 LSB Racing, 4th - 29 Typhoon, 5th - 21 Pirate Racing, 6th - 4 Octane, 7th - 44 Steady Pumpin. CLASS 5: 1st - 505 CISCO "No Bullies", 2nd - 513 Wazzup II, 3rd - 518 Rufstr Racing, 4th - 546 Reinforcer, 5th - 533 All Fired Up, 6th - 599 Grinch Racing, 7th - 561 Boxer Rescue, 8th - 555 Pushin Tin, 9th - 502, 10th - 571 Liquid Courage. CLASS 6: 1st - 602 Early Detection Racing, 2nd - 626 Maxed Out, 3rd - 615 Sale-N-Buy, 4th - 623 BOOM Shaka Laka, 5th - 639 Repeat Offender, 6th - 611 Smith Brothers Racing, 7th - 644 Knot Guilty, 8th - 677 You Gun Learn. CLASS 7: 1st - 732 Woah Mama, 2nd - 721 Elevation, 3rd - 717 Aquaholic, 4th - 727 Molson Muscle, 5th - 725 Hauling Trash, 6th - 750 Maine-E-Axe, 7th - 708 Mr Determination, 8th - 723 Bay Rat, 9th - 733 Wicked Racing.....
2014 OPA National Champions
October 4, 2014

EXTREME: 19 Cat Can Do; SUPER CAT: 4 Cleveland Construction; SUPER VEE LITE: 66 Tug It; CLASS 1: 179 Bye Pole Her; CLASS 2: 211 Bat Boat; CLASS 3: V1 Wazzup; CLASS 4: 404 Simmons Marine; CLASS 5: 505 CISCO "No Bullies"; CLASS 6: 602 Early Detection Racing; CLASS 7: 725 Hauling Trash; SUPER STOCK: S-1 GB Racing​​​​.....

READ MORE...​​​​​​​​
"Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives" heads to the Oyster Creek Inn
October 10, 2014

Host Guy Fieri and his “Triple-D” production crew visited the Oyster Creek Inn Restaurant in Leeds Point, NJ for the episode titled "Oldies but Goodies". This episode will be aired this Friday on the Food Network at 10pm EST.

Oyster Creek Inn is a family owned seafood restaurant in Leeds Point, NJ. Bill Kupple is the owner and which is ran by his sons, Jason (Manager) and Scott (Head Chef). It has been home to many of the Jersey Boyz Crew. The Kupple family has supported OPA Racing for many years. This past season, Oyster Creek Inn was a contributing sponsor of the Atlantic City Offshore Grand Prix and continues to open their door for the annual OPA Winter Awards Banquet.

House Specialties include: Grilled Fish & Steaks, Pasta's, Scallops, Shrimp & Crab Cakes which really are South Jersey's Best. The Chef also creates a Nightly Special Menu. We offer a Full Service Bar with a variety of draft & bottled beers. They also offer a nice selection of wines from around the world.

You can get there by Boat or car, located in the Leeds Point section of Galloway Twp.....


RESULTS:  OPA World Championships
October 5, 2014

EXTREME: 1st - 19 Cat Can Do, 2nd - 741 Miss Mary Mac.  SUPER CAT: 1st - 4 Cleveland Construction, 2nd - 77 AMSOIL, 3rd - 57 #No Filter.  SUPER VEE LITE: 1st - 3 LSB Racing, 2nd - 29 Typhoon, 3rd - 66 Tug It, 4th - 2 Punisher, 5th - 21 Pirate Racing, 6th - 44 Steady Pumpin, 7th - 4 Octane. CLASS 3: 1st - V6 Strictly Business, 2nd - V1 Wazzup, 3rd - V7 Miss PTM. CLASS 4: 1st - 441 Saris Racing, 2nd - 422 Erie Monster, 3rd - 404 Simmons Marine, 4th - P3-1 Wazzup III, 5th - 411 Perdition. CLASS 7: 1st - 732 Woah Mama, 2nd - 717 Aquaholic, 3rd - 721 Elevation, 4th - 725 Hauling Trash, 5th - 708 Mr Determination, 6th - 750 Maine-E-Axe, 7th - 727 Molson Muscle, 8th - 723 Bay Rat, 9th - 733 Wicked Racing.....

October 10, 2014

GARY ROEBEN, owner of Rogers Speed Shop, formerly of Mantaloking and now in Garwood, NJ for 40 years...and a former renowned power boat racer at the Jersey Shore, is in need this Christmas.

GARY, 67, a Marine and a veteran of the Vietnam War and some of the worst battles of the 1967 era, has recently discovered that he is in immediate need of a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT. Kidney transplants are the most common form of organ transplants and the highest success rate.

Gary's family is expanding their network of friends, relatives and acquaintances in search of a truly altruistic donor. Blood type is no longer an issue with transplants. The donor should be under age 60 and in overall good health. Gender does not matter. It is a lot to ask of a person, but there are many truly well-spirited people in Ocean County, this state and country. You may not be able to give but you never know if you might know someone somewhere!

Gary's insurance will pay all costs for the donor, testing, operation and any other transplant related meds which may be nothing than other than discomfort meds. Most donors are in the hospital 3 days, maximum 4, and okay to go home. With a week's rest they return to work​.....