RESULTS: 2016  National Championships


Class 6 

1st - 677 You Gun Learn
2nd - 601 Smith Brothers
3rd - 671 Liquid Courage
4th - 691 Liquid Addiction
5th - 644 Knot Guilty
6th - 602 Early Detection

Class 7
1st - 755 Hangin N Bangin
2nd - 777 Done Deal
3rd - 749 On A Mission
4th - 732 Bay Rat

Super Vee Lite
1st - 29 Typhoon
2nd - 32 Woah Mama
3rd - 13
4th - 77 Done Deal II

Class 2
1st - 211 Bat Boat

1st - V1 Wazzup
2nd - V6 Strictly Business
3rd - V7 Repeat Offender II

Class 4
1st - 441 Saris Racing
2nd - 411 Perdition

Class 5
1st - 546 Reinforcer
2nd - 518 Rufstr
3rd - 561 Boxer
4th - 515 Coastal Boat Sales
5th - 507 Tunnelvision
6th - 505 CISCO
7th - 502 Reindl Powerboats
7th - 539 Repeat Offender
10th - 512 Specialized Racing
10th - 513 Wazzup II

With rising & rough waters in Ocean City, Maryland, from the threat of Hurricane Matthew already in effect, OPA Racing must announce the cancellation of the Ocean City Grand Prix. Matthew, currently a Category 4 (major) hurricane in the Caribbean, is expected to take a northward turn this weekend, which will bring the storm along the Atlantic coast of the United States next week. How significant the impact is to be along the Atlantic Seaboard will depend on Matthew's strength and proximity to the coast.

At this time it cannot be predicted as to how exactly this will affect the water and shoreline in Ocean City for a safe race. OPA also cannot guarantee that there will be ample resources on the water to conduct a safe race. We felt the need to cancel this race at this time so that those attending the race will not lose their deposit(s) on their hotel reservations.

At this time we would like to thank all those involved in their effort in trying to produce the race in Ocean City.

The OPA Nationals will now be held in conjunction with the OPA Worlds in Englewood Beach, Florida at the Englewood Beach Waterfest!

The National Championship race will be held on Saturday, November 19th. This race will be the finale of the OPA National Race Series and determine the National Champion in each class.

The World Championships will be a culmination of points from the race on Saturday, November 19th and conclude on Sunday, November 20th. Both days of racing will be full length races with full points awarded for each day.