Racer Commitment for Bimini 2017


February 26, 2017

With the announcement of the Resorts World Offshore Grand Prix, it is eminent that you reply to this email with your commitment of attending the race in April in the Bahamas.

We are limited with the amount of 'Ro-Ro' sea transporters going to the Bahamas, hence this will limit the amount of boats that will be able to be shipped. There is already 13 boats who've committed to attending.

Send your Cimmital email to OPA (opa@oparacing.org) ASAP with your commitment so that there is a space reserved for you.

Boats will ship beginning the weekend before the race and will begin to ship back the Sunday after the race

You will be required to fill out a detailed manifest (cargo document) of items that will be on the boat. Vehicle shipping will be very limited.

Make sure your passport is current, as you will need a passport to travel to the Bahamas. It is also recommended that you contact you cellular carrier to inquire about International calls so that you are not changed additional roaming charges. The Bahamas does accept US currency.