Englewood Beach Waterfest Tickets & Discounts

October 09, 2017

You can purchase your tickets online for the OPA World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest in advance.  Early Bird price is $15.00 or $20.00 at the entrance.  


You can also purchase your tickets for the OPA World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest at The Lock 'N Key and/or SandBar Tiki & Grille.  STARTING OCTOBER 9 they will offer 10% off food purchases on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday and Happy Hour ALL DAY LONG at the bar on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

The Week of the Races you will receive 10% off food purchases EVERY DAY & Happy Hour ALL DAY LONG at the bar EVERY DAY.

YOU MUST SHOW TICKETS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE GREAT OFFERS!!!  Limited tickets available. Tickets are going fast. Don't miss out on all this FUN!

***ONLY TICKETS with Lock 'N Key and/or SandBar logo will be eligible for these discounts. All other tickets purchased elsewhere will ONLY be eligible for discounts the weekend of the races.***

For Racers, Crew & Staff here is a chance to save 10% off on your meals while attending the OPA World Championships at the Englewood Beach Waterfest! Racers, Crew & Staff will NOT needs these tickets to enter the Wet & Dry Pits. Your race wristband will grant access into the pits.

You will need to show the ticket prior to ordering your food as well as for "Happy Hour". ONE ticket will NOT save 10% on the entire bill, each person will need to present their ticket.

To order your ticket(s) in advance, you can call either the Lock 'n Key (941-474-1517) or the Sandbar (941-460-8280). You will then pick up your ticket at the establishment you ordered them from once you arrive in town.