OPA and Porta Performance Partners expand the 2020 Manufacturers’ Championship to 10 Races, attracting international and domestic builders

January 31, 2020

- New Smyrna Beach, Florida:

Porta Performance, a division of Porta Products Corporation, announced the creation of the “2020 OPA Manufacturers’ Championship presented by Porta Performance Partners.” With increased scope, the 2020 Manufacturers’ Championship will cover all Ten (10) - 2020 OPA Sanctioned Race Venues.

2019 was the proof of concept for the program with Extreme Powerboats and LSB Racing as the winning hull and team. Brit Lilly of LSB Racing stated, “We are super excited to be the inaugural winner of such a prestigious award. We felt it was so deserving that this award celebrated the race heritage of the Extreme Powerboats’ hull and Mark Spates’ design. We’re gunning for it again this year!”

The 2020 OPA Manufacturers’ Championship presented by Porta Performance Partners celebrates the points winning boat manufacturer as well as the associated team. At each of the 10 OPA eligible races, points will be accumulated where the best 7 out of 10 races can be chosen for the Manufacturers’ Championship points total. Awards will be given at the OPA World Championships in Englewood, Florida, November 19-22 where teams must be entered and present to win.

Ed (Smitty) Smith, President of the Offshore Powerboat Series (OPA) said it best, “All major race series have manufacturers heavily involved. Whether it’s NASCAR, Formula 1, IMSA or even snowmobile racing; vehicle manufacturers, one-on-one, challenge other manufacturers. Now it’s time to bring that aspect of our overall competition into our OPA Offshore Racing venues. We look forward to engaging many more boat manufacturers in our series, and we put this championship at the forefront of our 2020 objectives.”

“In 2019, the OPA Race 6 Race Series was very diversified with many international teams and boats participating. We attracted 37 manufacturers total, imagine what expanding it to 10 races will do. We think attracting 50+ manufacturers is an obtainable goal,” continued Smitty.

The OPA offers a class for almost every type of hull be it V-bottom or Catamaran. Along with the notable high-performance boats in the premium classes the OPA offers entry level classes in its “bracket series” now adding outboard powered open cockpit boats with required safety equipment. This class brings a large variety of boat brands both old and new.

Scott Porta of Porta Performance stated, “We have racers investing more than ever in new boats, equipment and teams. As momentum builds, there are logical next steps to support and solidify a sustained bull run in this growing market. Our goal is to get manufacturers more involved by recognizing their contribution and hopefully generating more support for the teams as well as provide hospitality for them and their clients alike. Our goal is to get manufacturers more involved by recognizing their contribution and hopefully generating more support for the teams as well as provide hospitality for them and their clients alike. Next in line is getting media airtime and sponsors to propel the game financially. We recognize ourselves as a little gear in a big machine, with our contribution also including improved safety on the race-course so families go home with the best memories from race day.”

International and domestic boat manufacturers represented in 2019 are listed but not limited to: Activator, Aerotech, Apache, Armada, Avanti, Carrera, Challenger, Cigarette, Cobra, Doug Wright, Excalibur, Fountain, Hustler, Hydra-Tech, Jaws, Joker, Kryptonite, Martini, MTI, Mystic, Outerlimits, P-D, Panther, Phantom, Progression, Red Line, Reindl One Design, RumblePhish, Scarab, Skater, Superboat, Switzer-Craft, Velocity, Victory, Warlock, Webcraft & Xtreme.

Awards given to the winning manufacturer and team are plentiful and varied in nature. As the excitement builds, performance partners are being added by the day. It has become obvious to boat builders both internationally and domestic, that winning on Sunday means selling on Monday … a tried and proven formula for success.

About Porta Performance

Porta Performance, a division of Porta Products Corporation is a high-performance technology consulting company. It develops hydrodynamic, aerodynamic and performance technology for the marine industry. Porta Performance was activated in 2019 to solve many high-performance safety, handling, speed and efficiency issues with new or existing hull designs and marine products. The innovators at Porta Performance embody over four decades of performance design.

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