OPA Racing Annual Awards Banquet

February 5, 2022

Coming from the winter awards banquet at North Myrtle Beach RV Center & Dri Dock. Were the final slot on OPA’s 20 - year perpetual High Points Championship trophy was filled. We felt it was important to acknowledge our staff as we move forward into 2022. This is a special year for the offshore powerboat association. Twenty years ago, Smitty took OPA over. We find it amazing how many of our staff members can recall. At the party last Saturday night Smitty said “ It’s hard to fathom how many of you I have met and become such good friends with over all these years”, “It would be hard to find a group like this anywhere else”. It was then, a voice came from the back of the room, “FAMILY!”. That just about sums up OPA’s existence. Just a dedicated group of people that love this sport, and consider themselves a family. When commenting on the upcoming season, Smitty said “ This year we’re focusing on us, on ourroots, and on pushing this sport further”. We feel we are more capable now than ever before.

The "Stugots Cup" (High-Points Champions) was presented to the team that has the highest number of points regardless of class. This year it was presented to Fran Velutatto & Mike McColgan of "Rum Runners".

The coveted "Godfather Cup" goes to an individual or team that demonstrates goodwill, camaraderie, professionalism and sportsmanship throughout the year. This trophy was presented to Rob Lauer.

The "Jimmy Welsh Trophy" goes to an individual non-racing team member who displays the similar qualities that Jimmy brought to the sport. The recipient of the Jimmy Welsh Trophy went to Julie Kimmel.

Congratulations to this years APBA HALL OF CHAMPIONS Inductees:

  • Representing the National classes are Driver, Rusty Williams, and Throttleman, Myrick Coil from #S-21 Performance Boat Center from the Super Stock class
  • Representing the of the Bracketed classes are Driver, Mike McColgan, and Throttleman, Fran Velutatto from #622 Rum Runners from Class 6.

Congratulations to all the 2021 winners!

Looking forward to the 2022 schedule. There is no shortage of passion there either. With promoters and fans like these, that is never in question. Find a list of OPA sanctioned events on our Schedule Page:  http://www.oparacing.org/schedule

Good luck to everyone in 2022!

“Here’s to 20 Years of Offshore”

The highlights of the evening during this year's awards ceremony were as follows:

The National Champions for the 2021 season were:

  • Super Stock - S-21 Performance Boat Center
  • Factory Stock - F-7 Marine Technology (MTI)
  • Vee Extreme - 20 Knucklehead Instigator
  • Modified Vee - 2 BoatFloater.com
  • Stock Vee - 47 Relentless
  • Class 2 - Team Woody
  • Class 3 - Team Woody
  • Class 4 - Old School
  • Class 5 - Shoreline Plumbing
  • Class 6 - Rum Runners
  • Class 7 - Goofin Around